New York drivers could be looking at enhanced traffic enforcement measures if recommendations from the National Governors Association are implemented. The NGA recently issued a report that analyzed road safety in the United States and made suggestions that could reduce traffic fatalities.

The report points out that there were 37,461 traffic-related deaths in 2016 on American roads. Additionally, there were 4.6 million personal injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. Incorporated into the association’s report are recommendations from the Governors Highway Safety Association. These include expansion of proven strategies such as sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols during high-risk windows for impaired driving. The report also proposed stronger enforcement of seat belt statutes. While some states allow officers to initiate a traffic stop upon observing a seat belt violation, others require a moving violation to pull drivers over. Seat belt usage is one of the most important factors in limiting traffic injuries and deaths.

Additional ideas presented in the report include expanded use of speed cameras for traffic enforcement when patrol officers are not present and an examination of existing speed limits, particularly in areas with high pedestrian traffic. The report also advocates for an increased emphasis on safety education, including a push for universal usage of helmets for cyclists and enforcement of existing safety laws. The stated goal of the NGA is an overall reduction in traffic fatalities and greater harmony between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

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