There are currently more than 3 million truckers around the country, and they serve an essential role in the economy. However, the trucking industry has some problems. New York truck drivers work an average of 70 hours in their eight-day workweek, so fatigue is a constant hazard. Because of the industry’s lack of safety, turnover rates are high and trucker shortages are not uncommon.

However, an Oklahoma-based startup may provide a better means to reduce trucker fatigue as well as lower turnover rates and insurance rates. BlyncSync was founded three years ago and continues to build a business plan with the nationally recognized nonprofit i2E. It will be launching its first pilot program, in which five trucking companies will be participating.

Its first initiative is to create smart safety glasses that measure blink rate and report the trucker’s level of fatigue in real time. BlyncSync is developing other wearable devices like smart hard hats and watches that measure biometric data like heart rate. The CEO has stated that a major goal of BlyncSync is to encourage truckers to be better drivers. The founders also aim to create mutually beneficial relations between truckers and dispatchers.

This is important news, especially considering how an estimated 100,000 truck crashes occur every year because of trucker fatigue. Fatigued driving is negligent driving, so occupants of other vehicles who are injured through no fault of their own can consult with a lawyer about filing a claim.. The lawyer can handle all negotiations on the client’s behalf, and if a settlement cannot be reached, the next step might be a lawsuit.