A serious accident with a large commercial truck could drastically alter the life of someone in New York because the size of commercial vehicles inflicts serious damage on passenger vehicles and their occupants. The victims of fatal accidents involving large trucks and passenger vehicles are almost always occupants of the passenger vehicles. For those who survive, some endure disabling spinal injuries, broken or shattered bones or traumatic brain injuries. In the aftermath of a wreck, victims could experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition to spinal injuries that could leave a person with permanent paralysis, injuries like broken bones might require multiple surgeries. Cuts and lacerations caused by broken glass and debris might disfigure people’s faces or cause infections. When head trauma occurs, both physical and psychological changes could result. The symptoms of traumatic brain injuries might take days or weeks to emerge fully. Even if head injuries appear minimal, internal bruising and brain inflammation could still produce mental difficulties.

People often associate post-traumatic stress disorder with combat veterans, but the shock of a truck accident could inflict ongoing nightmares, flashbacks or anxiety that impedes a person’s ability to function. According to the National Centers for PTSD, nearly 9 percent of automobile accident survivors deal with emotional stress caused by the trauma.

A survivor of a truck accident caused by a negligent driver might have the ability to recover damages with a personal injury claim. The representation of an attorney may help a person organize evidence, especially if disabling injuries burden that person. An attorney may identify the responsible parties, prepare insurance claims and file a lawsuit when necessary to pressure a negligent party into paying for medical bills and lost income. With legal representation, a person might challenge tactics meant to reduce a financial settlement.