The police force serving the offices of Human Resources Administration in Manhattan has initiated an internal investigation about claims of abuse. Court cases have recorded two cases of assault since 2017, suggesting a culture of misconduct at the department.

The first case involved a woman who was sexually assaulted by an officer on the HRA force. The case produced a conviction with a five-year prison sentence for the officer. The attorney who represented the woman has also advanced the complaint of a man who ended up in the hospital after going to the HRA offices to apply for food assistance because he had lost his job.

He allegedly participated in an angry verbal exchange with the HRA officer on duty. The officer reportedly shoved him against a wall and handcuffed him and then proceeded to punch and kick the man. The officer allegedly removed the man to a back room and continued the assault until the victim blacked out. Medical records appear consistent with a beating that would produce unconsciousness. The victim initially received charges for disorderly conduct and harassment, but a court later dropped them. His attorney said that the HRA police department has shown a clear history of abusing detained people.

A person injured at the hands of a public agency or because of reckless or negligent actions might have recourse through a personal injury claim. The representation of an attorney may enable a person to pursue damages by confronting a police department or city government. An attorney may organize records, such as witness statements and medical records, to illustrate the harm caused by a responsible individual or organization and the extent of medical expenses. Initial negotiations might result in the payment of a settlement, but if not, an attorney may be able to file a lawsuit and seek compensation in court.