The nation’s roadways get busier all the time, and distracted driving causes a great number of motor vehicle crashes. There are simple guidelines for all drivers to keep in mind when operating a car. Those who follow some safe common-sense rules on the road may better avoid serious traffic accidents.

Drivers should stay focused on the road ahead and pay attention to all directions outside their vehicle. Distractions from inside the car such as cellphones, eating or children in the backseat can interrupt a driver’s focus. If the situation demands it, drivers need to pull over for a better chance at avoiding accidents and possibly serious personal injury.

Common-sense rules of the road include some of the most obvious situations covered by laws, like following posted speed limits, using turn signals properly and wearing seat belts. It is very important for drivers to be sober and alert. Drivers also need to avoid drowsy driving, which can put them at risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

Another recommendation for the road is too make a habit of watching out for other drivers. Drivers should keep a lookout as far ahead as possible and leave plenty of distance between vehicles. It’s important to watch out for animals or debris on the roadways and use extra caution when driving during potentially hazardous inclement weather.

If a car accident does occur, drivers survey the condition of everyone in the vehicle and, if possible, check the condition of anyone else involved in the crash. Emergency personnel should be called right away, and those involved should try to stay calm.

Drivers or passengers caught up in a motor vehicle accident might want to contact a personal injury attorney. Accidents on the roadways can cause devastating outcomes. An attorney may be able to help people involved negotiate insurance settlements or offer advice if a lawsuit seems necessary.