When people in New York head out onto the road, they may face unexpected dangers from the most unlikely of places. While few people think of a clear day as a driving hazard, the bright sun glare that can accompany a rising or setting sun can make it difficult for drivers to see, leading to traffic snarls and dangerous crashes. Indeed, the risk of a car accident is 16 percent greater in bright sunlight than in average weather. However, there are tips that drivers can keep in mind to improve their safety.

Sunglasses can help. They can reduce the intensity of the sun’s brightness while protecting drivers’ eyes from the dangers of UV rays. By keeping sunglasses stored in the car, drivers can prepare to help avoid car crashes caused by excessive glare. The built-in sun visors in almost all cars and passenger trucks can also help a driver’s vision. They can be positioned to block some level of sun coming through the windshield or side windows. While they are limited in coverage, they are also designed not to hinder a driver’s visibility.

Drivers should also be conscious of how their behavior can lessen the impact of bright sunlight. By delaying or moving up their commute by only a few minutes, drivers can often avoid the worst sun glare. In addition, it’s particularly important to maintain a safe following distance during times of low visibility. Tailgating in bright sunlight can easily lead to a rear-end accident, as the conditions decrease drivers’ ability to react quickly.

Of course, the effects of bright sunlight can be magnified when people engage in drunk, distracted or otherwise dangerous driving. People who have been injured in car accidents due to someone else’s negligent driving can work with a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for their damages.