The mayor of Pomona, N.Y. along with the Village and the Village Trustees have been sued in a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit filed in White Plains.  The suit alleges that the defendants violated the civil rights of the plaintiff, former Pomona Village clerk Lisa Thorsen, by having her arrested.  The arrest was based on a three-year-old bogus allegation that Thorsen stole postage from the village postal meter without permission.

The criminal case against Thorsen was dismissed by a Judge in nearby Ramapo, at the request of Thorsen’s attorney, shockingly, with the consent of the prosecutor, who agreed that the arrest and prosecution of Thorsen was “groundless and politically motivated”.

At Kelly & Rubin, LLP., we have been specializing in protecting the rights of those falsely accused for over 25 years.  We are looking forward to standing up for Ms. Thorsen against those who falsely accused her and getting her the just compensation she is entitled to.