Human error and mechanical problems are two of the most common reasons why car accidents occur. For instance, if a driver is under the influence of alcohol, that is generally seen as human error. The same could be true if a driver was in an unfamiliar part of New York state and was distracted looking at street signs. If an individual is traveling too fast for road conditions, that would also be human error.

Mechanical problems could result from a faulty car part or the fact that a person didn’t maintain his or her vehicle. For instance, a person who is driving on bald tires may be at fault for an accident that occurs because it isn’t safe to use tires without proper tread. The same is true if a person drove a vehicle that had squeaky brakes or other problems that a reasonable car owner would have known to remedy.

Other possible causes of car accidents include poor weather, faulty traffic lights or animals crossing the road. While drivers may be able to account for animals that they see, they can also act in an unpredictable manner. That is what increases the chances for an accident. In some cases, a faulty traffic light will be classified as a mechanical error, and it could play a role in determining fault in an accident.

A car accident may result in serious injuries to occupants of other vehicles. Those who are harmed in such an incident that was the fault of the negligence of another driver might want to meet with a personal injury attorney to discuss how best to seek compensation for their medical bills and other losses.