If you’re planning a vacation this spring or summer and you need to bring one or more prescription medications with you, be sure that you have the proper documentation to prove that these are your prescriptions. Many people don’t realize that possessing prescription drugs without a prescription can land you in jail.

Whether you’re traveling within the state, driving down the coast or flying across the country, it’s best not to take any chances — particularly if you’re taking schedule 1 drugs that are often sold illegally and can be easily abused — like oxycodone, Xanax, Adderall and Valium.

Many people put their medications in plastic dispenser boxes when they travel. They pack only enough for the duration of their trip in these space-saving containers. However, that means you have no proof that the medications are yours. That’s why you should keep all of your prescription medications in their original bottles or other packaging that has the prescription information on the label. As an extra precaution, it’s a good idea to bring your original prescription document or medical records with a list of your prescriptions on them.

Another way to avoid getting in trouble with law enforcement for prescription drugs — and to stay safe on the road — is to watch your dosage carefully. If you’re driving to the West Coast and crossing multiple time zones, it’s essential to keep track of precisely how frequently you’re taking your medication. Don’t let the time zone changes confuse things.

If you’re doing some of the driving, be aware of how your medications impact you. Be careful about taking medications that could make you drowsy or impact your judgment or senses before taking the wheel. Driving while impaired by any kind of substance — even your own prescription medication — can get you arrested.

If you find charged with a prescription drug-related crime, it’s essential to seek experienced legal guidance. These charges can come with serious consequences that can not only ruin your vacation but follow you home and impact you long afterward.