A retired vice-principal who once worked at a high school in New York is the defendant in a civil lawsuit accusing the man of sexual abuse. The details of the lawsuit include allegations the educator sexually abused a student both on and off the campus where he worked. The suit explains the abuse occurred in the 1980s.

Lawyers say New York Child Victims Act Sex Abuse claims like the one made by their client is possible due to legislation signed by the Governor of New York in 2019. The Child Victims Act provides adult victims of child sex abuse to file claims that will hold both their abusers and anyone that helped them accountable for the abuse.

The lawyers say the defendant is a longtime resident of Kingston County and worked for the school system for years as a Biology teacher before receiving a promotion to vice-principal. The attorneys say the defendant worked at Kingston High School when the assault on their client took place.

The Kingston School District is the second defendant identified in the lawsuit, and attorneys for the plaintiff say it was the responsibility of the district to know the abuse was taking place.

The complaint alleges the plaintiff was 14 years when he was asked by the vice-principal to take a ride in his car with him. The plaintiff says that once inside the vehicle, the educator asked him inappropriate questions regarding masturbation and pornography. He says the conversation progressed further, and the older man suggested they watch pornography together. The interaction in the car began an ongoing pattern of sexual abuse that went on from 1982 to 1984.

Childhood sexual abuse is an experience that can leave victims feeling powerless and alone. Victims cases that include sexual abuse do not always reach out for the mental and emotional support they need due to the shame and stigma attached to their abuse. Individuals who wish to see the abuser in their past held accountable may benefit from a consultation with an attorney.