A lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court of New York includes allegations by four men that they suffered repeated sexual abuse while they were children spending time at the Westchester Boys and Girls Club. The filing is the latest in a multitude of criminal and civil complaints filed against Boys and Girls Club staff and volunteers over the past few decades.

Current policy allows sex abuse survivors to file a New York Child Victims Act sex abuse claim for the harm they suffered as children until January of 2021. The legislation first became law in February 2019, and nearly 4,000 lawsuits have resulted since that time.

The four men at the center of the current lawsuit say the abuse they suffered was at the hands of one man who served as a coach and mentor at the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester. Mount Kisco is a New York town listed as a lawsuit defendant. Mount Kisco’s Camp Iriquois, the Chappaqua School District and Greely High School also appear on the document. These are all places where the man accused of the abuse worked.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys say that the accused man demonstrated a pattern of using his position to garner uninterrupted access to children as young as 10 years old at the time of the abuse. One attorney has pointed out that abusers such as the man named in the lawsuit receive support from the institutions that help them gain access to children. The plaintiffs urge other survivors to come forward as they await a court decision on their lawsuit.

Sexual abuse is one of the worst things any individual can experience as a child. This abuse often leaves the victim with feelings of shame and powerlessness over what has happened to them. A personal injury attorney may help a childhood sexual abuse survivor in search of justice and compensation for the harm they endured.