Many victims of childhood sexual abuse in New York don’t realize they were abused until they reach adulthood. In the past, it was often too late to press charges. Fortunately, an act passed in 2019 has made it possible for victims to seek justice years after the abuse took place. Here’s what you need to know about the New York Child Victims Act.

What’s the time limit for claims of childhood sexual abuse?

The New York Child Victims Act allows victims to seek retribution for crimes that happened decades ago. Currently, survivors of sexual abuse can file a claim for any incident that happened before 2021.

In 2021, many survivors still have time to file a claim. The law states that you can file a claim until you reach the age of 55. Additionally, the statute of limitations has been extended to 28 years. This gives thousands of people the opportunity to seek justice for abuse that they suffered when they were children.

Certain groups like the Boy Scouts of America and the Catholic Church have received hundreds of abuse lawsuits. Several Olympic athletes have also come forward with stories of abuse. According to the president of America Loves Kids, anyone who believes that they have a case should speak with an attorney even if they’re not sure whether the case will succeed in court.

Should you hire an attorney if you’re a victim of abuse?

If you’re a childhood sexual abuse survivor, now may be time to hire an attorney. An attorney may answer your questions and help determine whether you have a legitimate case or not. An attorney may help you pursue justice against your abuser and seek the retribution that you deserve.