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E. P. v. United States of America (Bronx V.A. Hospital)

New York Jury Verdict Reporter

Plaintiff Attorney: Michael F. Rubin

This case was settled for $500,000 prior to trial. Plaintiff was a 75-year-old retired chef at the time of his admission to Defendant – Bronx V.A. Hospital on 10/15/93 with a diagnosis of a mild stroke. This action concerned care and treatment he received while hospitalized from that date until 11/22/94.

In May 1994, Plaintiff scratched himself near his groin, opening the skin. Plaintiff claimed that poor care led to infection and severe gangrene in the groin, necessitating surgical castration, a permanent colostomy, and cystotomy. Plaintiff underwent 23 surgical debridement’s under general anesthesia. Plaintiff further claimed that, due to poor management of foot ulcers, he was required to undergo a right above-the-knee amputation.