We are pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2021 – Kelly & Rubin LLP will split into two independent law firms:
Michael F. Rubin Law Group, P.C. & Robert P. Kelly Law P.C.
Robert P. Kelly and Michael F. Rubin will continue to provide personalized and strategic legal services to our clients without any interruption.

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Dear Mr. Kelly,

It took me some time to follow up; as I wanted to find the right words to express my gratitude. Your work has made an enormous difference in my life and allows me to move forward positively.

I owe you a special debt of gratitude because my consulting career was at risk. You did a great job handling the D.M.V. and the court appearances and “securing for me a complete dismissal of all charges”. I was finally able to put an end to the stress and fear I was having since my unfortunate encounter with the law.

Again my most sincere thank you to you, Mr. Rubin and Yvette for the excellent service rendered.

You were all “Truly Exceptional”…

I will recommend your Firm unconditionally always!!!

Sincerely Yours.



Dear Michael, Rob and Staff,

Just wanted to say thank you for all you did for my case. When things seemed hopeless you found a way to make things work. Not only were you professional and knowledgeable, you were a friend as well. I would recommend you and your firm anytime. You have gone above and beyond what was expected and although I would like to think I am special, I am aware that you treat all your clients with the utmost respect and give them the same exceptional services that I received. You have my sincerest thanks for all you did to settle my case.


Christine T


Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance last month. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your willingness to speak each day, and your calm reassurances that everything would go fine. I’m so relieved this all is behind me, and grateful that we got to know you even under such difficult circumstances. I’m going to assume that I won’t ever need a criminal defense attorney ever again, but if I do you will be my first call!!

Warmest regards

Jackie D.


Thank you so much for coming to my defense and working hard at getting the charges against me dismissed. Not only did you do an exceptionally, great job, but you showed me that you cared. Because of you, my family and I can sleep better now. In spite of the circumstances, I feel lucky to have met a wonderful person and an amazing attorney.


Symone F.


Thank you for everything. I know without you things could have been a whole lot worse. As always I really appreciate all you did for me.

Linda J.


We want to thank you for helping us through the most difficult time we have ever experienced in our 30 years together. We truly believe that any other lawyer would not have gone to the lengths that you did, or made any of the sacrifices. When D and M are older, they’ll fully understand what transpired this year. In order to cope, they’ve had to block certain things out. We, however, know that you pulled our asses out of the fire.

Thanks again,


Ray & Linda A.


Thanks for a pro job all the way!! God bless, and thanks again.


Sarah K.


May god bless you with all good things this life has to offer. You are the best legal counselor and a genuine, kind and caring human being. All the best!

Thank you,

Kathy & Paul A.


Thank you so much for being a great friend and helping Joey. It was easier to deal with such a negative situation when you can count on someone you can trust.

Thank you,

Rose F.


Even as potential fathers, you have not yet begun to understand or properly will ever be able to comprehend a mother’s love for her child. Considering the consistent support I have given my son over the last three years, it can go without saying that I love him with an invincible and unconditional love. However one thing that cannot go without saying, not that I could ever truly find the appropriate words to do so, but that must be said nonetheless, is thank you. I realize that proper representation can mean the difference between two months probation and Capital Punishment, so I thank you both for the diligent and professional manner in which you have represented my family. You have done so effectively with the result that Paul will be restored to us sooner than we anticipated. Although your services have already superseded our every expectation you have out done yourselves once again by taking action in the form of a letter to have Paul back at home where he belongs even sooner still, for this gesture and all the others that preceded it my family and friends send their most heartfelt gratitude and inexpressible appreciation. Up until this point Lawyers have had a bad reputation and maybe still do, but definitely not Counselors, Robert Kelly and Michael Rubin.

Thanking you sincerely

Marjorie L.

P.S. As I was recommended to you I have and will continue to recommend you to others.


We would just like to express our gratitude for al your tremendous help throughout this entire investigation and trial process. Thank you for having the patience, care, attention, devotion, and understanding for us during this terrible situation. We hold you in the utmost respect and we are very pleased with the outcome. From all of this, not only have we learned what to do and how to react if ever in a similar situation but we also know that now we have someone to turn to as both an excellent attorney and close friend. Robert, thank you again for all the time and effort that you put into our case and we hope to keep in touch even after this is all over. Thank you!

Warm regards.

Nick, Marlene, Michael & Carissa L.